🎄 Blitzen L'il Puddin' Box 🎄

🎄 Blitzen L'il Puddin' Box 🎄

We got your wish list and we’re pleased to announce that we are offering a limited run of our L'il Puddin's shipped nationwide to your door!

You have between now and until December 11th to reserve your Blitzen L'il Puddin' Box. All orders will be shipped on December 15th.

Included are 8 flavors of our decadent sweet treat, cult classic just in time to brighten your spirits. Flavors include - Brownie Sundae, Raspberry, Salted Karmal, Chocolate Almond Butter, Chocolate Karmal, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Doe and Salted Karmal & Almond Butter.

L'il Puddin's are a rich cool coconut and cashew kreem based treat, sweetened with maple syrup, a dash of vanilla, and loaded with Irish Moss. The toppings, like the kreem, are house made using the highest quality organic ingredients — with the exception of the wild crafted items such as Irish Moss and sea salt.

The Blitzen L’il Puddin’s will arrive frozen and will need to be thawed to enjoy. It is best to keep them in the freezer until you are ready to eat one. Once thawed, a L’il Puddin’ has a 7 day shelf life.

Order yours today as supplies are limited!