Pixie Retreat is born from a dream to spread the positive effects of an organic, plant-based diet to our friends, family and community. We make craveable, nourishing sweet and savory fast foods from scratch at our Central Eastside Laboratorie & Makery, using whole ingredients every step of the way.


Pixie Story



Way back in 2005, Theresa and Willow met in San Francisco. Theresa was previously working in the music industry and had recently moved to SF. Willow had been working in the fashion industry and had recently moved from SF to Portland. After being introduced by a mutual friend, the two formed an instant bond. Both women independently discovered the positive effects that a raw, plant-based diet can have on physical and mental health, and they wanted nothing more than to work together to help others experience the energizing power of food.

The two left their careers behind, while Theresa relocated to Portland and they began their journey of making raw, vegan, organic provisions from scratch in 2007. After seven years as a wholesale business, the Pixies felt they could spread even more magic and create a community hub by opening a brick and mortar location. In June 2015, the Pixies opened up the front end of their kitchen to create a fast casual vibe where people could stock up on their goods in Portland’s Central Eastside. Anna, a longtime advocate and investor, joined the Pixie Retreat team and played a crucial role in launching their first café.

Following the warm reception of the first location and the ever-growing demand for plant-based foods, Pixie Retreat opened a second café in the Pearl District in November 2016. With 15 seats for in-store dining and plenty of grab-and-go options, the location quickly became a healthy anchor in the neighborhood. Most recently, Pixie Retreat opened a third café on bustling Mississippi Avenue in June 2019, offering quick and healthy options for lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

In other exciting news, Pixie Retreat ships snack boxes and cold ships their signature L'il Puddin' nationwide! In the meantime, the L'il Puddin' can be found on the shelves of New Seasons Markets, Whole Foods, Market of Choice, Green Zebra Grocery, and Peoples Coop across the greater Portland area, in addition to our Pixie Retreat locations. Get YA Some!


Pixie Story